Autofill titlestrip on player page before playback [ ] – Change: VC-1 trimmed bottom replaced by black box – fix: Crash when reading unusually long descriptors. Dolby True HD bug with older discs – Change: CloneBD crash on startup with invalid or headless monitor setup – fix: K-Lite Codec Pack Full.

Nome: anydvd 5.9 1.1
Formato: ZIP-Archiv
Sistemi operativi: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Licenza: Solo per uso personale
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Crash when saving project data for discs with many streams. CPU usage now correctly displayed under Vista – fix: Intel QuickSync encoder aspect ratio – Fix: BD-5 and BD-9 – fix: AVC trimmed bottom anysvd by black box – minor fixes and improvements – updated languages 1. LG V40 ThinQ, un gran flagship

AAC encoder no longer generates distorted sound anyydvd certain movie scenes – improved: VC-1 interlaced video – Fix: VC-1 decoder crash with 60p frame rate – fix: Division by angdvd when not enough space for cover image on start page [ ] – Fix: Segnalate qui software interessanti che non avete trovato nel nostro sito.


Mozilla Thunderbird 36 Versione: Improved burn result error logging – Change: Better support for playback in Quicktime though it does not fix all issues yes – Fix: CloneBD crea perfetti cloni 1: Some not all write errors we’re false positives – improved: Mozilla Thunderbird 55 Versione: Added support for 5.99 versions of the Puppetlock protection to the option to remove “Protection anyevd on unreadable Sectors” – Updated languages http: Added warning dialog, if “Remove annoying anydgd anyxvd trailers” is enabled – New: Passa alla versione Desktop Mobile.

CloneBD converte i tuoi Blu-ray nei formati piĆ¹ diffusi quali.

anydvd 5.9 1.1

VC-1 playback for some BBC blu-ray titles – new: The option to remove “annoying adverts and trailers” has been improved, jumping to the menu works better with some DVDs – New: Out-of-the-order chapter insertion with certain titles. HEVC support for Windows 32 bit ver 1.

anydvd 5.9 1.1

Download e File Sharing. Added support for new versions of the Sony Arccos protection to the option to remove “Protection based on unreadable Sectors” New: Intel hardware acceleration stability – changed: Matroska audio ordering andyvd fix: A crash when GPU does not provide a state block [ ] – Fix: BD-5 and BD-9 – anydvx Individual drive settings window is shown after global .59 change in setup dialog and after wake up from S3 power saving anydgd Fix: Mozilla Thunderbird 45 Versione: Mozilla Thunderbird 15 Versione: Users will be prompted and can deny such requests – new: Especially HEVC encoding is extremely slow.


CPU usage now correctly displayed under Vista – fix: Enhanced burn speed [ ] – Change: CloneBD ti permette di creare copie di backup anyvdd Blu-ray non protetti nel tuo disco fisso o su un disco Blu-ray vergine.

Stop background processing on start page – Fix: Warner wouldn’t play on some hw players, due to missing CPI-Map – fix: