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How To Use a Magnetic Drilling Machine?

How To Utilize a Magnetic Drilling Machine

Before figuring out how to utilize the magnetic drilling machine, let us initially understand what this device is. Also called magnetic drill, magnetic drill press, and portable drilling machine. It is a portable device with a cutting tool attachment and an electro-magnetic base. The device comes with an annular cutter, twist drill bit, rotary cutter, milling cutter, etc.

The magnetic drilling machine comes with a reversible motor and unstable speed control for countersink, tapping, and reaming. It can likewise do milling with a cross table base. It is utilized to drill holes in metal. One of its key advantages is that it can be utilized to drill holes in remote areas, so the user does not have to go to the machine at work.

How To Use the Magnetic Drilling Machine

Mechanism & Working Principle of Magnetic Drill Press:

It works on a magnetic drill press motor. The design of this motor is similar to that of a DC motor with specific torque controls and speed. Let us now learn the function of a magnetic drill machine in the next steps.

1. Place the magnetic drill press on the workpiece that will be drilled.

2. Attach the arbor according to the diameter and cutting depth of the hole to be drilled to the appropriate core drill with an ejector pin.

3. Adjust the magnetic drill machine with the arrangement where the hole is to be drilled.

4. Adjust to getting the appropriate center of the hole. With the assistance of a pilot, the pin user can find the middle by contacting it with the tip of the pin.

5. Plug in the machine with the power source contingent upon the product type.

6. You can handle the speed of the machine by changing the gear to the needed cutting velocity rate.

7. Turn on the magnetic switch and a magnetic drill press motor suitably. Do not crash the cutter directly onto the work piece.

How To Use a Magnetic Drilling Machines

8. Turn on the lubrication tap for smooth running. Utilize more grease for getting advantageous outcomes.

9. During the drilling process, apply a strong force downwards to the machine. It helps in making the hole in the workpiece. Tip – Make sure the drill is working at a steady feed rate.

10. Make an absolute cutting of the workpiece with a brace cutter and then bring the motor to its starting state.

11. Always clean the work area after drilling to avoid unwanted accidents.

Certain Safety Precautions While Utilizing the Magnetic Drill Machine:

  • Using a machine in a flammable or potentially hazardous environment is not a big deal.
  • It is suggested to utilize the machine under appropriate management and direction exclusively by an expert or a responsible person.
  • Pre-inspection is required for the operation of the safety chain and switch on the machine.
  • Always switch off the machine and detach the plug from the socket to stay away from dangerous accidents.
  • Re-check if the device is securely tightened before utilizing and never keep the connecting cables on the edges.
  • Keep the machine dry, clean, and oil and grease-free and out of reach of children.

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